Q. What are the advantages in importing your automotive through us?

1.We import only the highest quality Japanese, British ,German & Australian vehicles.
The Japanese vehicles are in these 124 auto auctions will be checked by each auction inspector
where as the cars from United Kingdom mostly which are manufactured in Germany are either brand new units just out of the factory shipped to United Kingdom to our authorized dealers or are purchased directly from the British delears which are granted the manufacturer approval from relevant British dealer or manufacturer.

The cars from Australia are mostly custom made for their market either fromJapanese origin or from manufacturing plants in Thailand and are mostly imported brand new or with the relevent manufacture or authorized delear approval.

2.We ensure our customers enjoy the most reasonable price because
waived of the domestic export tax from Japan & Uk
Recycle charges are not applicable
Document charges Minimal
Searching for market price done free of charge
Bidding charges are exempted
Auction sheet translation done free of charge
3.We ensure our customers a wide selection of cars form japan
You can purchase the vehicles from these 124 Japanese used car auction sites/houses
These auto auction sites are opened from every Monday to Saturday.
You can select your vehicle from the list of 26,000 vehicles every day.

Q. Is there a warranty for the cars purchased from us?

We provide comprehensive warranty for the vehicles you purchase from us from Japan in collaboration with a couple of local agents (terms & conditions are applicable)
and also 5 free services

Q. Is a manufacturer warranty possible via a local agent ?

We have successfully manged to provide you with a manufacturer warrenty for certain Japanese vehicles
(please contact us for more details)

Q.Is Clearing ,transport and registration of vehicles also provided?

We provide hazel free door step delivery along with the clearing process and registration if requested for all our customers.