We are a reputed Vehicle Import company and have been trading in various aspects of the motor industry over the last 3 years. We have built an enviable reputation in vehicle acquisition and sales to clients around the world. We are more than just vehicle importers ,with our aim to provide great service, the best advise and continued support throughout the buying process to build a long lasting relationship with our clients. Our team have extensive knowledge of experience in the motor industry enabling us to offer expert advice on all areas of the international motor vehicle market. We specialise in the supply of new and used cars from all leading manufacturers and we have a well established association with suppliers, manufacturers and freight forwarding companies. We take pride in ourselves to make sure all of our cars are inspected and prepared to the highest standard to make sure they are in the perfect condition before we aquire the vehicles from port for shipping. We use a reputable logistical transport company and shipping line, to ensure all our cars are inspected on delivery and when unloaded to port. We also provide information, advice and other services to each individual customer based on their requirements.

Managed and owned by a medical doctor and a bank manager dedicated to provide your dream vehicle.